June 09, 2012

" The Luckiest Man on the Face of the Earth "

Seventy three years ago, on July 4, 1939, 61,808 squeezed into Yankee Stadium on "Lou Gehrig Appreciation Day" One of the NY Yankees' players, the great Lou Gehrig, had been struck down in his prime by the then mysterious disease of ALS. Between games of a doubleheader by the Washington Senators, he gave a speech. Less than two years later, he was dead.

We know more about this disease now. But not nearly enough. 

When someone has this disease, the motor neurons degenerate, the muscles atrophy. The victim loses his ( and it mostly effects men ) ability to move the legs, then the arms. then all or most everything else. It is terrible.

My uncle Brendan has been diagnosed with this disease for more than three years.

Tomorrow, I will participate in the Westchester Walk to Defeat ALS

This is a fundraiser, and I'd be honored if a couple of you would " sponsor " me. Every dollar goes to research and patient support. I will personally verify this group makes the lives of patients and their families much easier.

If you care to support me, please send me a note at bayridgephantom@gmail.com and I'll send you back a link that can used to donate by credit or debit card. God bless.