July 05, 2005

Bay Ridge Fireworks II

The NY Times had a story today about how fireworks in NY " don't disappear "...how they are creeping back in NY after the Guiliani ban. Again, I heard plenty of firecrackers in Bay Ridge yesterday. Not like the Bay Ridge and Bensonhurst of the 1960s, which was a once a year fireworks free-fire zone, but certainly fireworks were heard all day long.

In the early 1970s I remember spending every penny I had on firecrackers, " ashcans ", cherry bombs, " jap rockets " ( bottle rockets ) and all the rest of it. Me and my pyro buddies would blow the neighborhood to hell every year, and it was great fun.

Rudy the Reformer made the city a safer place by banning them effectively, but it did take away a lot of the fun of July 4 for little kids. Big kids too.

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