November 01, 2010

Chilean Miner Will Run Through Bay Ridge As A Participant In the New York Marathon

The great story just got even better.

Bay Ridge will have a distinguished visitor this coming Sunday, as Edison Pena, one of the rescued miners from Chile will be paying us a visit.

Pena also ran a 10.5-mile leg of a triathlon in Chile on Oct. 24. He was one of 33 miners who were trapped underground for 69 days after the Aug. 5 mine collapse.

He became known as "The Runner" for his daily workouts.

I think I know who will get the loudest cheers.

Si se puede indeed!


The Phantom said...

Less than one month ago he was freed.

Today, he finished the NY Marathon.

Anonymous said...

Today, he planned a taxi ride to Ridgewood. The driver heard Bellevue.