November 16, 2005 is lame

I remember a number of years ago, seeing a bumper sticker for . I barely understood the internet's www at the time, and could not believe that our little neighborhood had its own internet site! How exciting!

Now, well over seven years have passed, and...there's not a lot to

  • an event calendar that does have some school information on it.
  • A Guestbook which seems to be populated by a lot of people who moved to Jersey years ago and who write in to say that they remember the Alpine Theater
  • a This Day in History thing that tells me that Oklahoma became a state 47 years ago
  • Click onto news, news, news, and you see...nothing
  • There are ten old pictures of the neighborhood, which are ok.

    That's it? That's it. I believe is connected to the Home Reporter newspaper. This newspaper, though small, has some resources and should be able to put out a better website than this. Bay Ridge is a good neighborhood, and it deserves a better website than Even this stinking web site is better!!


Anonymous said...

Ha - I actually stumbled upon it by typing in a year or two back; I suppose for late 19th century web-design, it's OK ;-)

The old pictures of the neighborhood are pretty cool, though. There's a book that B&N used to carry; I forgot the title but it had a pretty great lot of photos; including 4th ave when it was still a cowpath.

Anonymous said...

Just found this blog off of a Chowhound post. While is somewhat lame, you MUST at least acknowledge that there is a message board where cranky people discuss neighborhood goings on.

I've gotten a priceless recommendation for a car mechanic through it, as well as one for my dentist.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you. I check now and then and it's always a disappointment. I would think our neighborhood could do a lot better.