May 30, 2005

Old House Demolished

There's an old wooden house on 68th Street, between 3rd and Ridge. Its on the north side of the street, closer to Ridge. Or it was. Don't see it anymore, and there is a large wood fence around it with a sign for a demolition company.

It did not look as though it was in great repair. I only took notice of it over the past years, when I was parking my car down there. There would often be some old guys hanging out on the porch. This old house will probably be replaced by an anonymous grey brick townhouse whatever.

May 26, 2005


Todays NY Times reports that Kleinfeld's will close the Bay Ridge store and move to Manhattan. A major bummer for that part of the neighborhood.

May 19, 2005

Bay Ridge Movie Theaters: Bay Ridge Theater

Loews Bay Ridge Posted by Hello
This was a movie theater from the 1920s up till the 1950s or 1960s. I remember the marquee of the closed theater in the 1960s. The top two floors are used by New York Sports Clubs Health Club. For some additional information on this theater's history see Cinema Treasures --and be sure to scroll down to see the comments.

The side entrance of the Bay Ridge Theater. Maybe that balcony was part of a fire escape. Posted by Hello

May 15, 2005

The Bay Ridge Paper has a story this week stating that the Army Corps of Engineers is concerned about the deterioration of the bike path, saying that if it is left unaddressed, it could easily affect the Belt Parkway.

This florist had been in business at 7012 Third Avenue for decades. But the owners have retired. There was a sign in the window thanking their customers for their support, but I guess the real estate guys took it down. Posted by Hello

May 11, 2005

Remove the image of the highway, and this could be northern California. But its off Shore Road, maybe 88th St, near the end of a perfect Sunday. And a setting sun makes everything look great. Posted by Hello

May 09, 2005

Daily News story Bay Ridge Bike Path mess

What the hell's going on?

From Judy. Maybe it's bad design, maybe it's bad maintenance by the City, maybe it's Global Warming come to the Narrows, maybe this thing is falling into the ocean. Go for a jog or bike ride while you can. Posted by Hello

May 08, 2005

Self-portrait. Colonial Road, by Fort Hamilton High School. Posted by Hello

May 07, 2005

NYC Bloggers

NYC Bloggers tracks blogs in New York City , organizing them in a very NYC way, by the closest subway station. Manhattan is the blog champion with 2515 blogs, but Brooklyn is a strong presence with 1564. Click on the R line subway stations to find who's blogging in Bay Ridge. (Of course, the Bay Ridge Blog is represented.)

Shore Bike Path

The bike path, here near the 69th Street pier is one of the best things about Bay Ridge. Saturday, May 7, about 7pm. Posted by Hello

But the bike path has lots of potholes now. This is in a section near 79th Street that is fenced off for the protection of cyclists and pedestrians. How would you like to ride into one of these potholes at night? Posted by Hello

May 06, 2005

Friday, May 6, 2005, about 7pm. Its cold, feels like rain. 68th Street, south side, below Fourth Avenue.  Posted by Hello

May 02, 2005

Senator Street

Just above Third Avenue, south side of the street . May 1, 2005 around 7pm. Posted by Hello

May 01, 2005

68th Street

Have the new Olympus Digital, and now will start to learn it. This is one of the first pictures taken . On 68th Street, just below Fourth Avenue, north side of the street. Sunday May 1, 2005 at about 7pm. Posted by Hello