November 26, 2007

New Trees on 68th Street

Last week, the city planted three trees on 68th Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenues. It will take them a long time to grow as big as the ones we lost during last August's tornado, but we're happy to have them.

Will take a look down 69th Street soon to see if they received any trees.

Work continues on many of the damaged houses. Some have had nearly all the work done, but await final inspection by the City's Buildings Dept.


There's a new discount store at the site of the old Thriftee's. Will scope it out later.

Went down to the library on 73rd Street and Ridge last Tuesday night, when its open until 8pm. There's a Snapple machine that claims to accept library cards as payment. ( Added to the account as if it were a fine?) .But when I tried to use the library card to get a Snapple Iced Tea, it didn't work.
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Bay Ridge Bus Riders Discuss Congestion Pricing

StreetFilms joined up with Transportation Alternatives’ Executive Director, Paul Steely White as he discussed congestion pricing with Express Bus commuters in Bay Ridge where riders could use a faster commute and less-crowded buses. White outlined how congestion pricing would decrease traffic in Bay Ridge and offer better transit as he listened to the commuters’ concerns.

A poll released by Quinnpiac today reports that a resounding 89 percent of respondents believed traffic congestion was a “very serious” or “somewhat serious” problem. However, New Yorkers are divided on how to accomplish reductions.

( Thank you very much, Elizabeth, Streetfilms )

November 04, 2007

Bay Ridge Tornado: Recovery Continues

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Most of the houses that were knocked out by the tornado are still uninhabited, but a lot of work is being done. Here, see 337 Bay Ridge Avenue.

I spoke with Edgar, from one of the still-damaged houses down 68th Street. He hopes to be back home by Thanksgiving Day.

2007 New York Marathon- British Women

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Two English women "run" past. Three to one says that they never finished the race.

2007 New York Marathon Passes Bay Ridge

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Every year, the New York Marathon passes within a half-block of my house. Most of the runners have lots of energy when it passes 68th Street, along Fourth Avenue. Here, Tommy from down the block watches the runners parade by.

November 03, 2007

The Meaning of American Pie

Mark Simone interviewed Don McLean on WABC redio today. McLean mentioned this youtube video, which he himself has not seen, but which he has heard about.

It attempts to explain the meaning of the song, and I imagine that he has a lot of it right. In any event, the video is filled with interesting facts. Wow--listen for the one about Waylon Jennings