May 25, 2011

Check Out My Internet Radio!

I'd been hearing about these things for a few years. A couple of weeks ago, I bit the bullet, and bought a Logitech " Squeezebox " internet radio.

This " internet radio " is a radio that doesn't pick up stations the normal way. It picks them up in streams from the internet via an Ethernet physical connection or via your Wi-Fi signal.

With internet radio, you are no longer limited to what is likely a lame selection of local stations. Almost every " over the air " radio station puts their signal on the internet now without charge.

I've played around with internet radio for maybe ten years, via the computer. But the advantage of having a dedicated " internet radio " is that it works even when the computer is off, at any location in the house, with a very good quality audio signal.

I recommend this device - especially if you want to get a get a broader music selection than your crummy local station offers, or someone who wants to follow the news, especially the news from another part of the world.

It's really easy to set up and use - and makes a great present for an older relative who wants to hear the sounds of the " old country "

There are six preset stations. My current selections:

  • RTE One, Dublin
  • BBC LW
  • Deutsche Welle News, Germany
  • WFUV New York
  • KPOA Hawaii
  • WWOZ New Orleans

I recommend this product, which is available on Amazon or at quality stores such as J&R.

May 01, 2011

Thoughts on the Death of Osama bin Laden

They got him.

Nearly ten years ago, my city and my country suffered the worst terrorist attack in world history.

This unspeakable act impacted people from all over America. Even if you were from a small town in say Alabama, miles away from the attacks, it was as though it was your family who had lost somebody. Because you had. This was personal.

Today, US forces have finally delivered justice to the man responsible for the destruction of the building I worked in, as well as the other atrocities done on September 11, 2001.

Let's take a moment to honor those who died nearly ten years ago. And to remember how very grim it was that day.

God bless the US Military, including the Special Forces, and the CIA, FBI, and our brothers from in Britain and many other lands, and all in the Obama and Bush administrations who played any part in bringing Obama to justice this day.

The mills of God grind slow, but they grind exceedingly fine.

God bless America.