December 29, 2007

Bay Ridge Blog Exclusive: Roger Clemens Speaks out on Steroids

I flew down to Houston yesterday so that I could record the following speech by my good friend Roger Clemens!

Actually, the brillant ariestheramne may have had something to do with it.

December 23, 2007

Snoopy's Christmas

"Snoopy vs the Red Baron", by Ocala Florida's "Royal Guardsmen" was one great song. But "Snoopy's Christmas" I think is even better.

Merry Christmas, mein friend!

December 22, 2007

Happy Christmas from the Beatles!

Every year, members of the Beatles fan club would receive special non-commercial recordings around Christmastime. This is a compilation, with photos, produced by Matthew Hawes of "The Happy Show", is great fun. The insane comedy that was very much a part of the Beatles is much in evidence here.

December 18, 2007

John Batchelor Show Returns to the Radio

America's long national nightmare is over.

The John Batchelor Show is back on the radio. Unfortunately, not five nights a week like it should be, but on Sundays 7-10pm Eastern time on WABC 77 AM in New York, and 7-10pm Pacific time on KFI Los Angeles.

This is a serious public affairs show, more fun and punchy than any PBS news show, with sources around the block or in Uzbekistan that anyone would be proud of.

If you you're from outside NYC and want to hear the John Batchelor Show over the internet, try WABC 7-10pm Soundays Eastern time, or on KFI, 7-10pm Pacific time (or 10pm Sunday-1am Monday, Eastern time)

this Sunday night.

Now, guys...lets get this show on more often !

December 10, 2007

Phantom Joins Zombie Army

So my niece Katie invited me to join a "Zombie Army" over at Facebook. I've just signed up. So you'd better watch out!

I am now at the category of "Zombie Newbie". You can't trust Zombies, and Katie now knows that, since my first act as a Zombie was to pick a fight with her. And I won. Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!.....

December 09, 2007

New York Vintage Subway Ride, Dec 7 2007

subwayvintagedec2007 058, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

I took the train from Second Avenue to Queens Plaza, then back down as far as Broadway/Lafayette.

Here, the train pulls out of Broadway/Lafayette.

These runs will continue every Sunday for the rest of the year. I am very happy that NY and the MTA preserve these trains and this part of history.

New York Vintage Subway Ride, Dec 7 2007

subwayvintagedec2007 029, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

These runs are lots of fun for the crew. I think a number of retired transit workers came out for this day.

New York Vintage Subway Ride, Dec 7 2007

subwayvintagedec2007 006, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

Loved these old scroll signs.

New York Vintage Subway Ride, Dec 7 2007

subwayvintagedec2007 042, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

Suppose you were old? Give that lady a seat!!

New York Vintage Subway Ride, Dec 7 2007

subwayvintagedec2007 017, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

The conductors on these trains had to go between the cars, step onto little footrests, and click on controls in order to open and close the doors. Not so much fun on those January days when this train ran outside.

New York Vintage Subway Ride, Dec 7 2007

subwayvintagedec2007 023, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

They broke out some of the retired IND subway cars today, and ran them between Second Avenue and Queens Plaza. Great fun. Here, grandpa and grandpa show the kids how they used to commute.

These R-1 subway cars date back to 1931. They served the people of NYC well through the depression and World War Two. They didn't take them out of service until the 1970s.

WABC- Curtis Sliwa in "internal exile"

The Phantom sent a team of psychic detectives to read the minds of WABC Program Director Phil Boyce and NY radio star Curtis Sliwa. Here's what we found:

  • Both Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby want to re-establish their show on another radio station
  • Four radio stations have already expressed interested in hosting a new Curtis and Kuby show
  • Ron Kuby does not have any current radio gig, and could move tomorrow morning. Curtis Sliwa, though, is still under contract with WABC for another 2 1/2 years. Though they don't want him for themselves, their strategy is to "warehouse" Curtis in the 5am-6am slot, when he still can be heard, and guest hosting at other times. The idea is to protect doddering imbecile Imus from the Curtis/Kuby team, which had killed Imus in the ratings for years.
  • Curtis has played the loyal soldier here. He has not criticized WABC at any time for its treachery. But he's no dummy. He has hired an attorney to help resolve the contract issue.
  • If WABC is smart, it will let Curtis Sliwa out of his contract. If they do not, they will soon have a war--not so much with Curtis Sliwa, but with an army of their listeners, who are very angry with the way Curtis Sliwa and Ron Kuby have been treated.
One good note WABC has rehired the great John Batchelor for the Sunday night, 7-10pm slot. So, there actually is good programming on WABC for eight hours a week. From 5 to 6am Monday through Friday, when Curtis holds his remnant of a show, and on Sunday from 7-10pm. The rest of the day, its Russ Limbahhh and Mark Levin yelling at people.

December 07, 2007

New York Sports Clubs to Open Second Bay Ridge Location

New York Sports Clubs, which seemingly has a location in every neighborhood, will soon open a second Bay Ridge Location--on 86th Street, across the street from Century 21 department store.

I belong to NYSC, and like the Third Avenue/72nd Street location. This new location may be even better. Soon, I can do the "triple play"--hard workout, which will burn the calories, followed by two slices at Pizza Wagon, and four pints at Henry Grattan's , which will restore the calories once more.

From their press release:

Bay Ridge 86th Street Coming Soon

Opening this winter, NYSC Bay Ridge 86th Street will be a 2-story, 17,000 square foot facility that will feature a wide variety of fitness options, including Group Exercise classes and personal training.

This club, conveniently located at the 86th Street station on the R Line, will also have state-of-the-art equipment and extra benefits like a sauna and available parking. With excellent amenities and accessibility, NYSC Bay Ridge 86th Street makes it easier than ever before to go to the gym!

Special features for this new club include:

  • All new, state-of-the-art equipment with audiovisual entertainment
  • Group Exercise studio
  • Spinning® Studio
  • Sauna
  • Towel service
  • Municipal parking

>> Join our VIP list to learn about charter membership rates and receive the latest updates.

We look forward to seeing you at the new Bay Ridge location opening March 2008.

NYSC Bay Ridge 86th Street
439 86th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11209

December 04, 2007

Pole Dancers on the R Train to Bay Ridge

Here's the MTA's latest improvement to R train service to Bay Ridge. They never stop thinking about ways to improve your ride.

This reminds one of the Daisy's Drum strip club up on Fifth Avenue near 83rd Street. It later became Peggy O'Neill's pub. I never went in there, but Kenny told me what went on. I was shocked, and had to go in to investigate.

December 02, 2007

" Curtis and Kuby Show " Is No More

For years in New York, we've had a wonderful morning radio show, on WABC, co-hosted by Curtis Sliwa, founder and head of the Guardian Angels anticrime group, and Ron Kuby, the Marxist civil rights lawyer.

You'd expect this combination of the "right-wing" Sliwa and the leftist Kuby to be a constant, shouting argument. But it wasn't like that. Though they often differed on issues, it rarely got angry or personal. They dissected the issues and played to their strengths- Curtis gave his shtick and shared his streetwise knowledge of NYC and of cities across America ; Kuby gave his lefty point of a precise dissection of legal matters of the day, in terms that a layman could understand.

This show began in 2000. Over the years, they enjoyed great ratings. But as of tomorrow morning, they're gone. They're replaced by Don Imus, the elderly, mean-spirited shock jock who likes to brag about his children's ranch in New Mexico.

I've disliked Imus for years before the overhyped Rutgers basketball team incident--he is a very bad guy.

But tomorrow, Imus inherits the WABC airwaves. Kuby was fired weeks ago. Curtis will stay on WABC doing who knows what.

I'm very unhappy with WABC. They used to have three good shows- Drudge (who left to do something else), and John Batchelor and Curtis and Kuby, who were both cancelled. Now, WABC 77 has no good shows. It has self destructed.

Curtis and Kuby-- please team up and find a new home on WOR or some other station that has no one in the morning. Then you can kill Imus in the ratings in NYC, as you did for many years.