January 03, 2011

( Edited - see below ) Incompetent Bloomberg Administration to resume Alternate Parking Tuesday

The City, who along with the corrupt Sanitation Unions, has screwed up the aftermath of last week's snowstorm to a fare-thee-well, is stating on 311 that Alternate Side Parking resumes this Tuesday.

Many parking spaces remain unavailable due to snow. The premature resumption of Alternate Parking will cause unnecessary traffic congestion and frustration tonight and tomorrow. They will make a bad situation worse.

I hate to say it, but it looks as though Bloomberg and his administration doesn't even care anymore

- - -
330pm - The City has decided to suspend Alternate Parking regulations for Tuesday as well. Well they could have made this announcement this morning, but better late than never

- -
There will now be a federal investigation of the illegal union slowdown during and after the snowstorm ( NY Daily News )

Sanitation workers destroyed headstones at a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn during a belated cleanup of Bay Parkway ( Sheepshead Bites )