October 04, 2005

Grandma's Baseball

Visited Grandma's Original Pizza today.

They're crazy baseball fans there. There's a tv across from the marble pizza counter, and if there is a ballgame being aired, it is on that tv. And being commented on, with passion and with knowledge, by the pizzeria's Italian and Mexican crew.

Had a regular slice and a " grandma's" square slice. They were impeccable. At a little pizzeria that always bats 1.000.

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Anonymous said...

I've lived all my life in Bay Ridge, and for most of my growing-up years, I lived near Pete's Pizzeria on 3rd Ave. and 76th St. I still think their pizza is just about the best I've ever had, certainly the best in the neighborhood. A few years ago, I moved a few blocks north (i.e., around Ovington Ave.). It was then that I discovered Grandma's. Very good pizza, great pasta dishes, and a very friendly staff makes Grandma's a close 2nd place in my pizza standings.