June 11, 2006

Subway Sandwich Shop

subwaystore 001, originally uploaded by bayridgephantom.

A Subway sandwich shop which opened on the corner at 68th Street and Fourth Avenue on or about June 8, 2006. It looks as though it is an Eastern European couple that own the place. Its clean and the sandwiches are good.


Anonymous said...

Wasn't that orignially a bar? As long as it is clean, it is a welcome sight

The Phantom said...

Yes, it was most recently a bar that was closed for a fairly long time. In its previous incarnations, it was always one bar or another.

There used to be a ton of bars between 68th and 69th streets on Fourth Avenue:
( On the east side of Fourth Avenue)
whatever bar as at that location

Rob Roy ( where Original Pizza now is)

( on the west side )
Currans, later of course Scruffy Murphy's

Joe Majors

Lion Rampant ( now the Zohny Travel Agency )

Anonymous said...

congrads on the new look, and nice to see the business open hopefully it helps that section out with the quality of life over there.


I didn't realize the quality of life was so bad over here we needed help. Go figger.

Yeah, place opened Thurs...saw it when I passed by on my way home from work. Although, given how many businesses place's gone through in the last couple years, I dunno if Subway's gonna have much longevity. Plus didn't Exxon have a Subway counter at one point?

The Phantom said...

I had forgotten about the sandwich place in the Exxon station, but yes, there was one.

I think that this place will do fine. I wouldn't go to a gas station for a hero, but I will go to this place