February 02, 2007

Sarah Silverman On Global Warming

Hey, bet Al Gore didn't like this

More Sarah Silverman here

Don't know what to make of her. Saw her new TV show last night, and don't know what to make of it, either.

Latest Bay Ridge news from Matthew Lysiak (Yellow Hooker) of the Brooklyn Paper. He says that there's a Chock Full o'Nuts on 79th Street and Third Avenue. I can't believe this. Will have to check this out tomorrow. It's right next to the Blockbuster store, where I'll be returning "An Inconvenient Truth". See, we start and end with Global Warming.


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone has done the homework needed it be accurate on "Global Warming"!

Thanks Sarah.

ps: While Al is telling us what to do, his carbon footprint is 920% of the average person's.

He is consuming 920x times more energy that he is entitled to.

Single handedly, he has caused more damage to the planet than he can ever repair.

Anonymous said...

did you pull those figures out of your ass?