November 26, 2007

New Trees on 68th Street

Last week, the city planted three trees on 68th Street, between 3rd and 4th Avenues. It will take them a long time to grow as big as the ones we lost during last August's tornado, but we're happy to have them.

Will take a look down 69th Street soon to see if they received any trees.

Work continues on many of the damaged houses. Some have had nearly all the work done, but await final inspection by the City's Buildings Dept.


There's a new discount store at the site of the old Thriftee's. Will scope it out later.

Went down to the library on 73rd Street and Ridge last Tuesday night, when its open until 8pm. There's a Snapple machine that claims to accept library cards as payment. ( Added to the account as if it were a fine?) .But when I tried to use the library card to get a Snapple Iced Tea, it didn't work.
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Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Congrats on getting your trees replaced! We lost many old and young trees here, just a block away, but most were on private property and may never get replaced.

Here's hoping that everyone in Bay Ridge can be back in their homes for the winter holidays. It's been too long already.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bay Ridge Blogger,

Speaking of trees...any idea where they are selling Christmas trees in the Ridge this year. Used to be out by the Duane Reade on 4th and Senator, but I haven't seen them there yet. Any other spots I can head to??

The Phantom said...

My spy tells me that Christmas trees are on sale right now on 86th Street and 13th Avenue.

And surely at other places as of December 1.

Anonymous said...

They are also being sold(right now) by Key Food on 3rd Ave, in the 90's

The Phantom said...

On this excellent early winter night, the lads are setting up the Christmas stand in front of the old A&P Store. The bright lights have been strung over the sidewalk and a small mobile home is there for them to sleep in.

They've been coming to this neighborhood for many years, at that exact spot. They're from Nova Scotia or somewhere in Atlantic Canada.

Will go out and have a chat with them soon.

The Phantom said...

that would be the old A&P store on Fourth Avenue between Senator and 67th Streets