May 08, 2008

Fossella: Who's Your Daddy?

You've all heard it now. Congressman Vito Fossella, nabbed for drunk driving in Virginia the other night. And now word has it that Fossella, married father of three, has a love child who resulted from an "extramarital relationship" he's been in for a few years.

In some countries, this wouldn't be an issue. But this is Bay Ridge/Staten Island, and this is America. I'll suspect that Mr. Fossella will be resigning before too long. He's damaged goods. And, besides all else, he's a moron for driving drunk while living this double life.

Fossella has for ten years been the only Republican Congressman in New York City. His actions have put that one solitary non-Democratic seat in jeopardy. It is a betrayal of his political party as well as those constituents who really care about the issue.

Fossella needs to fall on his sword right now, to resign and go away. And the Republicans had better quickly put up a credible candidate to run against Democrat Stephen Harrison. I propose Marty Golden

The alternative? A one party Congressional delegation in New York City, which is not in the interests of anyone who lives here.


duchess said...

Marty Golden is the only state legislator that gets anything done. I would hate to lose him to Congress, though.

The Phantom said...


I would hate it too, esp as he is one of the few decent people in what is largely a pack of trial lawyers and gangsters in the State Senate.

But the national/city stakes are too important here. He and we may have to take one for the team by having Marty go to Congress --if that is what he wants to do.

Anonymous said...

What is it that Marty Golden gets done? Using taxpayer funds to sponsor events getting his name out there like its coming from his pocket? Seriously, please tell me what he's gotten done, I have found his office to be largely unresponsive when I have had occasion to contact them.

The Phantom said...


I live on 68th Street, between Third and Fourth Avenues, which of course was terribly affected by the tornado this past August.

I had the foresight to be in China at the time, but thats another story.

My understanding is that all city/state/federal agencies did an unbelievable job that day...that by that evening the streets and sidewalks were in broom swept condition. The rapid response continued over the next days, for those homeowners who needed additional help.

Upon my return about a week later, I was told by several people on the block that Marty Golden was the prime mover in cracking the whip with all these agencies.

Even weeks later, when the insurance company of a neighbor tried some dishonest BS, Marty gave them a phone call, and all of a sudden the BS stopped.

Bloomberg gets big props, but so does Marty Golden, on this one.

I could speak of other things, but this is one area of which I have spoken to many people, all of whom have praise for his sustained performance in an hour of need.

Anonymous said...

Scary that Fay had been unfaithful in two marriages, and managed to destroy someone else's.

Then Fay ends up with a bigshot intelligence position at the Pentagon.

What does it say when a person who would betray her husbands is entrusted with being loyal to her country?

No wonder why the Pentagon generated false intelligence to lead us into war in Iraq.

If a Pentagon intelligence officer would fuck over her own spouse, should the American people have expected any better?

Anonymous said...

Adultery is a crime according to the Military Code of Justice. Fay should have been dishonorably discharged a long time ago.

If the government through the patriot act will jeopardize the rights of native born American citizens on mere suspicions, but will not clean house when its own soldiers blatantly break the law, then you know fascism has arrive in America.

Anonymous said...

So this homewrecking whore, Laura Fey, worked as an intelligence officer in the Pentagon.

But now she says she had no idea that Vito, a Congressman who sired her child, was still married.

No wonder the Pentagon came up with all that bogus intelligence to lead us unnecessarily into war in Iraq if they got idiots like her at the helm.

God help this country.

The Green Hornet said...

Although i like marty, i don't know if i can vote for him. i might be carrying something.