June 01, 2008

White Catholic Priest does Minstrel Show At Trinity Church

This guy, "Father" Michael Pfleger, is a Catholic priest? We sure didn't have Catholic priests like him at Our Lady of Angels church back then. Imagine how poor elderly Bishop Boardman would have dealt with this guy.

These eruptions keep happening for Obama. There apparently are just a ton of youtube videos posted or about to be posted with sermons from Rev Wright, and now this false priest, this hateful minstrel act with a collar.

Obama sold himself as a post-racial candidate, but this is the second preacher of hate he's been associated with. Is it wrong to point this out? I think not. He's cut his ties with Trinity Church of Christ, but some might say it's about 19 years too late.


preacherman said...

As a minister I have a responsability to not get political. I understand that there is a seperation between church and state. I understand that Christians are going to have different political views. Jesus wasn't a democrat or republican. Jesus was about a Kingdom. A heavenly kingdom. He didn't get involved in the politics of his time. He understood that we should pay our taxes as he says, "Give to Ceasar what is Ceasars and God what is God's." He was about offering hope, forgiveness, salvation. We must not get involved in preaching politics but we must get busy preaching Christ and him crucified. We need to preach His Kingdom. I want to thank you for covering this topics. Please let us understand that there are Christian republicans, democrats, independants, green party, socialists and on. The thing that should be getting us as Christ is Christ and how we need to be showing the world a spirit of grace, love, and hope for a better life in Christ.

Rob K said...

Then there's McCain's preacher, "Pastor" John Hagee, who blamed Hurricane Katrina on the gays, called Catholicism "the great whore," and said Hitler was "God's hunter" tasked with expediting God’s will of having the Jews re-establish a state of Israel.

I went to OLA, too, and I wonder how Bishop Boardman would have reacted to for "the Great whore" line.

Maybe we should leave religion out of politics.

Anonymous said...

What Pflegler said was 100% correct. Look up his Wikipedia page, he's done a lot of good work with the poor and with drug addicts.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how come all a sudden everybody is concerned with the mixture of church and politics? Where were you when Falwell and Robertson fought against Civil Rights and advocated killing abortionist? The "Christian" Republicans(Moral Majority)actively used their churches to raise funds for candidates which should have made them taxable. I dont agree with anybody doing it, but give me a break. I am the son of a preacher and a missionary who told us to vote but they taught about saving souls for God. I know one thing for sure, God does not advocate the greed of capitalism for a true believer. Christ was a poor carpenter and I am sure he couldn't get into the door of some of todays churches.

The Phantom said...


Hitler did some fine things too. Built the best highway system in the world over in deutschland.

Lots of bad people/organizations do good things along with the bad.

This priest made a vulgar and to my mind dishonest attack ( against someone I don't like ) and doing so was completely against Catholic doctrine, which is why the Cardinal of Chicago took him to the woodshed.

Anonymous said...

Phantom, you're going to equate Hitler with a guy who is verbally insulting someone? Can you seriously say that Pfleger is a bad person? I would say he's a good person who sometimes does bad things.

By the way, Pfleger also apologized.

The Phantom said...


Pfleger may not be a bad person, but he's clearly a bad priest.

Christ asked his followers to love. Pfleger, from the pulpit, in his inside-out way, is preaching hate.

He's also insulting the people rolling in the aisles there with his "mock black" accent, but some of them don't even get that. They're too busy enjoying the show.

Rob K said...

I wish someone would take Hateful Hagee to the woodshed.

I happen to be Catholic and I really don't appreciate my religion being described as "the Great Whore."

This bum has the nerve to call himself a Christian?!?

The Phantom said...

Hagee is a degenerate bum.

But the situation is a little different. Bill Donahue of the Catholic League actually extracted an apology from Hagee.

Wright never apologized, and Pfleger probably would not have had not the Cardinal [probably] ordered him to.

And with Hagee, you don't have those entertaining and bombastic tapes floating around.

The Phantom said...


-Christ was a poor carpenter-

I don't think that there is any evidence that Christ was a carpenter.
His father was.

I don't recall hearing of Falwell or Robertson asking for abortionists to be killed. Think I would have noticed that.

Rob K said...

"Extracted" is a good word, since it was like pulling teeth. And McCain still welcomed Hagee's

From the same article:

"But I admire and respect Dr. Hagee’s leadership of the — of his church,” McCain said, later adding: “I’m glad to have his endorsement. I condemn remarks that are, in any way, viewed as anti-anything.”

I'm not clear how you can be glad to have someone's endorsement and still condemn such hideous remarks, but that's just me.

I wonder if McCain's other preacher, Rod Parsley, who called Islam “the mouthpiece of a conspiracy of spiritual evil” ever apologized for his vile statements.

Maybe we really shouldn't mix religion and politics.

Anonymous said...

Pfleger is a bad priest? First of all, he isn't preaching hatred. He is uncouth and blunt, but does that make him a bad priest.

Let me tell you what makes him a good priest:
-Shut down community businesses selling drug paraphernalia.
-Established a church employee resource enter.
-Established a church social service center.
-Established a church elders home.
-Established an outreach program to prostitutes that offered job training and counseling
-Protested the effects of offensive rap music that demeaned women

You might call it hate speech, but he's right about white privilege. It's something we need to honestly address as a nation.

The Phantom said...

He's pretty much preaching hatred, via mockery, of Hillary Clinton for one.

And he's exaggerating the racial divide by playing to the prejudices of the mob -- that a white person who wants to prove that they don't have privilege must "give up their 401K plan"

Got news for this guy--most working class blacks and whites have 401K plans or the equivalent. And they live in much less fancy homes than the blessed Rev Wright will get to live in

I think Wright and the self-hating Pfleger are racial buffoons who are not qualified to participate in, much less lead, any conversations on race.

Frankly, I don't care what ancillary good deeds they've done. They came to prominence based on the buffoonery and hijinks from the pulpit. Those talks have done damage to race relations. And these two need to be held accountable for the poisoning of the well --and the perhaps intentional harming of the chances of Senator Obama.

Anonymous said...

I disagree with most everything you say about Pfleger. The personal attacks were uncalled for an he apologized for that.

I don't see why he is "self hating" or race bating. He simply sees an injustice in this country that has not been rectified. The give up the 401k line isn't meant to be taken literally. What he is saying is that whites are quick to relinquish the responsibility for the behavior of their fore bearers, but they're more than willing to reap the rewards.

The Phantom said...

Sorry tim, it's jive

The injustice is that Wright and Pfleger are respected members of any community. It says a lot about the congregation.

The forebears of many whites, incl mine, were not in America anytime remotely close to the time of slavery/reconstruction/Jim Crow, and many southern whites, perhaps a majority, never "reaped the benefits" of slavery / segregation - even now, some of the poorest counties are in the South, and its not just the blacks. Many working class whites come from generatiosn who were never rich. They earn a lot loss than most reading this; they earn a lot less than Rev Wright has earned, living in his brand new mansion.

Obama is evidence of a lot of the complexities of the entire issue. People call him black, but he's really not - he's biracial. And even the "African American" side of him has shallow roots, as his father, who abandoned him, was born in Kenya. So if he were poor, and he clearly is not, would he be a disadvantaged African American entitled to reparations of some kind? It would be ludicrous on its face to think so.

There are serious issues that need to be discussed in a way that they've not been discussed since RF Kennedy. But race hustlers like Wright and his reverse Oreo Pfleger have no stature in this discussion.

They're part of the problem. They'll never let the race thing go, because if things ever get better, what the hell does anyone need to listen to the buffooneries of Wright and Pfleger for?

Rob K said...

Speaking of race baiters, we've got Rush Limbaugh saying Obama's
"only chance of winning is that he's black."

And then there's Melanie Morgan calling Obama a "half-rican"

They spew this kind of racist hatred every day for a living.