August 07, 2008

Bay Ridge Tornado- One Year Anniversary on August 8

Eight is supposed to be a lucky number in Chinese. I was in China on August 8 last year, but my neighborhood and my block was not too lucky as we were hit by a VERY unusual tornado. It ripped the roofs off buildings between Third and Fourth Avenues on Bay Ridge Avenue (69th Street) and on 68th Street ( my block ).

I was in Beijing at the time, breathing that lovely air, and maybe I was indeed lucky, since houses one block down and across the street and nearby were seriously damaged, while I just lost a couple of small panes in my skylight, an inexpensive repair. Maybe eight is a lucky number after all, some of the time.

Two houses down from me, the top of this tree was snapped right off at the base. My house up the street was nearly untouched. Just down the block, roofs of two story buildings were torn off and the people had to evacuate for months while repairs were done.


The Green Hornet said...

I heard you came close this year too.

Marlene McGarrity said...

I was out on the Belt coming home from the gym (Sports Club near Cesears Bay) when the tornado came through last year. It was strong and scary!