December 21, 2008

Sunday Music : Louis Armstrong and Duke Ellington " Black and Tan Fantasy:

Some warm music on a cold night.


I wasn't even aware of it, but some numbskull apparently wanted to put up volleyball courts in Lief Erickson Park between Third and Fourth Avenues.

Community Board 10 just voted it down the volleyball plan according to the Brooklyn Paper.

For decades this was a nice patch of green in a busy area. Then it went into severe decay, as the city basically stopped maintaining it. For years, it's been scarred by the thugs who run Bay Ridge High School ( excuse me "Telecommunications HS" is the current alibi ) , who took it upon themselves to put a shitty temporary classroom there, and who choose to leave it there even though it is no longer used.

Why can't it go back to being a well maintained green park, with benches? Why does every blade of grass have to be paved over? Apparently it will now be returned to parkland . Look for the work to begin 50 years from now.


The Brooklyn Paper also reports that the site of the Bay Ridge Methodist Church is likely to be turned into a K to 8 elementary school.

They better not give any landmark preservation classes to the 8th graders. Emerick will get pissed.


The Daily News reports that the sainted Richard Martin is losing his position as the crankiest superintendent in Brooklyn. Say it ain't so, Russian Lady.


City Troll said...

great tune, always loved satchmo

The Phantom said...


You're a good man, and I hope to meet you some day.

Anonymous said...

Did I see Rover on that clip?

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