October 21, 2009

Message from the Bunker

I've not stopped blogging - things just got insane at work etc. I will write about something soon. If you liked it before, you'll like it again soon. Promise.


Yee said...

Could you please pass on this libelous comment that Alison made recently about Noel Cunningham? Thanks.

"Ok Im done with being patient with you fuckass.
I can remove whatever posts I like for whatever reason. Hey I can even self censor dickwad!

Last time I checked over there, which was weeks ago now, Noel the would be paedo apologist was left bleeding from every orifice. He was busy sliding around and falling face first into his dripping wet hypocrisy and dictator adulation as I poured that slick all over his turf. Pity Obama royally screwed him by dipping in on Iran as I had hoped he would. Snort."

It's disgusting, I know, but Noel should be informed.

The Phantom said...

Not my fight, bro.

Anonymous said...

No commentary at all on the World Series Phantom? I know its tough being a Mets fan these days but you really don't care about the outcome?