January 01, 2010

Top Twelve Predictions for 2010

The US withdrawal from Iraq begins in earnest. Iraq is far more peaceful than anyone would have expected.

The Afghanistan surge strategy shows gains, but the country remains a ungovernable mess. Karzai remains the corrupt mayor of Kabul, rather than a true national leader.

The Guantanamo Bay terrorist detention facility will remain open. President Obama privately concludes that Bush was right on this one, that it is the best of a series of unpleasant choices.

The Republican Party retakes the House of Representatives and makes major gains in the Senate in the 2010 midterm elections. Their winning issues are Obama's out of control spending and corruption and a pledge to perform major surgery on Obama's health care reforms.

The Republican Party remains without a national leader. Their midterm election successes reveal Democrat / Obama weakness, rather than to any inherent GOP strengths.

David Paterson defies the odds and is reelected Governor of New York State, running on a platform of fiscal conservatism.

Robbery, murder and other violent crime in New York City continue their dramatic fifteen year decline which started under Giuliani / Bratton, and which continue under Bloomberg / Kelly.

Apple's new " tablet " computer is an immense global success.

Ryanair defies air travel slump and announces a new route between London Stansted and New York's Stewart Airport, along with a summer service between Stewart and Dublin. Both are smash hits. Low fares is the winning hand.

Consumption of meat and dairy products is outlawed in San Francisco, as part a concerted campaign against Man Made Global Warming.

The American League repeals the designated-hitter rule, and the sport rises to new levels of popularity.

The 69th Street Key Food supermarket does not open on time on January 10, due to engineering reasons. The new projected opening date is January 15, 2012.

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