March 11, 2010

Bay Ridge Avenue Key Food Opens

The long-delayed Bay Ridge Avenue Key Food store opened this morning at 7am. To say that it was a big success would be an understatement.

This area has been starved for a proper supermarket for over a decade. Now we have a large ( by Brooklyn standards ) and attractive store right where it's most needed.

I arrived there at about 6pm. The customers were pouring through the door. One woman said " hallelujah ".

There's " free parking " in the building across the street. But it's valet parking only if you can believe that. The parking building has very tight turns, and they probably don't allow self parking because there would be too many fender benders otherwise. But with valet parking, the parkers will expect tips, so the parking isn't free- first time I've ever seen such a thing at a supermarket.

But I can walk to this beautiful new Key Food, and I look forward to walking to it often.

Store hours are 7am - 11pm seven days a week. It is an welcome addition to the neighborhood. You can find the weekly circular on the Key Food website.

Key Food
242 Bay Ridge Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11220

Article about the grand opening in Brooklyn Daily Eagle


Emilio Arteaga-Solis said...

The Key Food is great but the most exciting part is the fish market across the street (in the parking building). I had so much seafood this weekend, it was all very fresh and reasonably priced.

aubtieem57 said...

Narrow aisles and way overpriced! It dosen't have a large variety of products

The Phantom said...

Its better than what we had before. I've been there three times - I like it.

Anonymous said...

I love it! I've been there three times too. The prices seem reasonable enough -- but I've lived in Manhattan before, where the prices were much higher, so this seems good to me. The aisles are narrow, but again I've seen worse. The store has been packed to the rafters every time I was there; maybe it will calm down over time.

The staff is very friendly; the environment is that same big-city/small-town feel that I like about Bay Ridge in general.

As for the selection, it disappoints in a couple areas but mostly it makes me happy, and in some areas has really surprised me. This neighborhood is very diverse economically - I've seen lots of expensive stuff there that I haven't seen since the gourmet markets I used to shop at in Manhattan and never thought I would see since moving to Bay Ridge three years ago. I like seeing ridiculously expensive Angus hamburger even if I can't afford it! So far I only go there for things that I can't find closer to me. YMMV.

I saw that fish market - looks tiny from the outside! Maybe I'll check it out.

Anyway, I was a little disappointed to see the hours cut back from 11PM to 10... but I never do major shopping that late, so maybe it's no big deal.

Anonymous said...

yay Key Food! I remember going there.