April 11, 2010

Visit Your Brooklyn Public Library!

Bay Ridge Public Library at the corner of 73rd Street and Ridge Boulevard

I had fallen out of the habit of going to the library in Brooklyn. The selection of books for adults at any one time is pretty limited.

But recently, I've started using the library more than at any time since I was an elementary school kid at OLA. Because I don't look for books at the library anymore! I look for them online - where they tend to have what I want.

Here's how you can do it too. First, go to your local Brooklyn Public Library and get a Library Card.

Then go to the Brooklyn Public Library website and create a username and password.

To find a book, go to the site and log on. Enter the name of the book or author in the library search box. If you find it in stock, click the gold " Place a Hold " button and tell them which library branch you wish to pick the book up in.

If it's in stock, they'll find the book for you in one of the BPL branches. When it arrives at the branch you designate, they send you an e-mail or text message, after which you have ten days to pick it up.

Then you walk in, go to the designated book pick up section where the books are organized by last names of those who placed the orders.

The other day, I picked up two books I had ordered, and spent a total of maybe three minutes in the Bay Ridge Branch finding them and checking them out.

The online reservation system is really good, perfect for busy people.

See you at the Brooklyn Public Library!


Unknown said...

Yup, our library in PA does that too. And you can even download books to your computer to listen to (I think you need to download a special listening program), obviating the need to even go to the library!

Gabe Goldberg said...

That library shown was my branch -- it was built while I attended PS 102, a block or two away from it. While it was built (1958 or so), replacing an older building, the branch moved into a private house, on Ovington Road or 71st Street, I think. I remember my favorite librarian's name, Miss Booenti (that's phonetic, might be misspelled) who was great with kids. I lived at 7001 Ridge Boulevard, three blocks away. We moved to 82nd Street but it was still the closest branch; my mother walked to it every week with a shopping cart, swapping one week's reading for the next.

Now I'm in Northern Virginia, near -- but a drive, not a walk -- a large regional branch library. It's great, offers many services not dreamed of when I used the Bay Ridge Library. But sadly, it's cutting hours and services because of budget constraints. It's still, great, though, seeing it full of people of all ages and demographics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for pointing out this service. You can also asked to be noified via text when your book arrives!

The Phantom said...


Good catch. I have edited the article to include " text messages "

Anonymous said...

Good evening

Looking forward to your next post