April 06, 2005

Fourth Avenue and 69th / Scruffy Murphy's / New Royal Restaurant

Scruffy Murphy's, on Fourth Avenue between 68th - 69th Street seems like it has been closed for a year. There has been construction in the building. Will Scruffy's re-open? America needs to know.

The New Royal Restaurant, an institution round here, recently closed for good. It's been replaced by another Greek-owned diner, Emphasis, which is not drawing anywhere near the number of customers the Royal had drawn . People knew the Royal well, they do not know this place yet. I had breakfast at Emphasis two Saturdays ago- the service, and the cheese omelette, were both good. Good luck. Should not have changed the name.



I miss th' Royal. Emphasis is overpriced an' not th' same. I used to eat there every day when I worked nearby, less-so when I left th' hood. Was pals with th' owner who made no mention of th' departure. Bastard.

Anonymous said...

i ate there in bay ridge that place gave me gas.