July 31, 2005

Bay Ridge Movie Theaters -- Stanley Theater

This week, we will take a look at tour of the sites of what once were movie theaters in Bay Ridge. In earlier posts, we've spoken of the Bay Ridge Theater, then of the recently closed Fortway Theater.

Today, we start at Fifth Avenue, between 74th and 75th Street. You'd never know that this Apple Bank was a movie theater, but it was the Stanley Theater for years. Click into Cinema Treasures for lots of information on this theater.

I may have seen the closed marquee of this theater, which would have to be in the 1960s ( Cinema Treaures believes it closed in 1957 ); I definitely did see it as a supermarket in the late 1960s and later on remember a Chase Manhattan Bank at this site.

This is next to local landmark " The Lincoln Savings Bank ", which has changed hands a zillion times and is now Washington Mutual or whatever.

Tomorrow, we walk down Fifth Avenue in the direction of the Dyker.

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