December 19, 2005

R Train / Bay Ridge Subway Problems

Bay Ridge is served by the R local subway. It does a workmanlike job most of the time, but it falls short in the late evenings, after 9pm. From 9 to 11pm, there will often be two or three N expresses rolling into 59th Street, for every R train that lumbers in. Why?

In the peak hours, the M train shares the track with the R from 36th Street to Borough Hall. The only problem is, the R trains are nearly full, while the M train is nearly empty. This is because the M train has a route , from Bay Parkway to Chambers Street, to Middle Village that makes no sense. It would make more sense to
have the southbound M end at Chambers Street, and add a couple of R trains that would start in Bay Ridge and end at Chambers Street. There was once an RR or RJ train that made this run.

The route of the M train makes no sense. It makes for very bad service from Borough Hall all the way to Bay Ridge.

Why such poor service on the Bay Ridge subways? And why don't the Bay Ridge elected officials do something about it?

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