December 20, 2005

Subway Strike-Day 1

The buses and subways are on strike.


Got back just now, after a ride from Aida from work. Traffic was great. Her husband took us down Park Avenue / Park Avenue South, down Water Street, over the Brooklyn Bridge, and down the Gowanus. Didn't like staying late after such an early departure, but the traffic was great.

726 pm
There was a lot more traffic to be seen by 2pm. A lot of people, incl a woman at work, came in or were driven in after the ban on vehicles with less than 4 people ended at 11am. Still at work, not looking forward to the ride home, though at least I have a ride home and don't have to hitch.

I " hitchhiked " a ride to Manhattan at near the entrance to the Gowanus Expressway at 66th St / 3rd Avenue in Bay Ridge at 650am. The ride on the Gowanus went well, as we were in the HOV lane. In Manhattan, there was a lot less traffic than normal, due to efficient NYPD enforcement of the four-passsengers to a car rule on the main highways.

We'll see how we get back home.

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