January 10, 2006

Lento's Closed...

( updated twice )
I haven't confirmed it officially but it is almost certain that Lento's Restaurant has closed.

I called their number repeatedly Monday, with no answers.

Walked down there Monday night, and for the second night in a row, it was shuttered. And in the window, a " For Rent " sign.

I can't possibly understand this. They were locally famous for their thin-crust pizza. Zagats spoke well of it. This restaurant, at the corner of Ovington and Third Avenues since 1933, still did good business as far as I can tell.

I stopped at the Village Fruit Market across the corner, and the man behind the counter tells me that Lento's closed on Saturday.

I'm not at all happy. I will try to go down to take a picture tomorrow or Wednesday. If I learn anything more, I will post it. If anyone else has information, please add a comment or e-mail me at bayridgephantom@gmail.com

There are loads of places in the neighborhood where we can still go for great pizza. But Lento's was a good, simple, place with with 72 years of history. With it closed, something has been lost.

See article from Tuesday's NY Daily News

See two articles in Slice NY


Anonymous said...

If that is true, I am very sad. Lentos was the site of my first date (an unfortunate event, but due to the ridiculous person opposite me and not the place). I last went there about 2 years ago, with hubby, son, Mom & THE PHANTOM, and although it has been awhile it was always nice to know Lentos was open & ready to serve their famous pizza. I hope all is well with the Lento family. All good things must come to an end.

Pentex said...

I feel sad about this...are we sure it is closed forever?

The last time I was there was with my mother, my young daughter (at the time only had one!) and THE PHANTOM. Yes, folks, the Phantom does exist.