March 05, 2006

Gowanus Expressway to Dissapear?

The ugly, rusting Gowanus Expressay has blighted Red Hook, Sunset Park and Bay Ridge since 1941. I believe this is one of the many nasty projects that were rammed through city neighborhoods during the time of Robert Moses.

The Bay Ridge Paper reports that the state is considering several options that could replace the Gowanus with a tunnel. If the Federal Government can be convinced to contribute $13-18 billion, an 8.5 mile " Gowanus Tunnel " could run down First and/or Second Avenues all the way from the Verrazano to the Battery Tunnel by 2020.

Also under consideration is a much less expensive elevated monstrosity to replace the bucket of bolts that currently bights our neighborhoods. I don't think our Congressional delegation has the muscle to make the tunnel happen. I don't think we'll be riding through a Gowanus Tunnel anytime soon.

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Anonymous said...

I biked under there this morning and was just thinking there needs to be something better.

The tunnel is probably too expensive, but why not just take it down, and throw in another lane or two, and kill off a lot of the connections to sidestreets and make some overpasses, or underpasses. No one ever really needs to go from 4th to 2nd anyway... so why are there lights instead of just entrance lanes. Trees would be nice, too.