March 27, 2006

Sinkhole on Fourth Avenue Knocks Out R Train

A sinkhole opened up on Fourth Avenue and 73rd Street overnight, that looks to be caused by a water main bursting. A SUV fell into it, and rests atop a gas main. The driver was able to get out.

The R train is not running from Bay Ridge Avenue to 95th St, and is being diverted on the N line. The N is running normally. The best way to get into the city is probably to walk to the 59th St station and catch the N or R.

From Channel 4 WNBC

From NY 1.



Yeah, if th' damn thing comes on time. Just when ya think ya got it figgered out, it decides to show up later an' makes ya late.

Anonymous said...

side note, there are shuttle buses being provided on 5th avenue from 95th to 36th street. The R is not running actually til 36th, not 59th as you said in your post.

The Phantom said...


No, it was running to 59th. I caught it 59th at 715 this morning. It had just come down the N line and was totally empty....59th was the first stop.

Also saw one going the other way, down the N line.