March 31, 2007

Andrew McCann added to Bay Ridge Blog Staff

In a stunning coup, we've hired Andrew McCann away from north Irish websiteA Tangled Web!

The Phantom and McCann have conducted secret negotiations over the past two months, and the deal was struck when the Phantom had summit talks with McCann in the Magpie Pub in London.

McCann, reached at his Yorkshire flat, explained: " I had to get out A Tangled Web, for Gods sake. That Vance [David Vance, proprietor of ATW] , he was on my back about every bloody thing. When I'd miss an "On This Day" post, he'd be on my back about it for a month."


"Bloody hell yes! But I'll admit that another reason was that the Phantom offered me big Yankee dollars, while that Vance would only give me the scrapings of the Tip Jar. In NI Notes yet! I'm through with him. What a user!"

Why the transatlantic move? Will you relocate?
" I see this as a chance to crack into the New York blog market. Don't just want to be speaking to the Madradin Ruad and that damned lot every damned day, right?

I may relocate someday, but for now, I'll be happy to stay here in Yorkshire. Me and my computer, and a fresh start. I do so look forward to it"

A shellshocked David Vance, reached at the Vance Estate told El Matador " That scheming little Judas. After all I did for him. ATW will be much better without him."
Rumor has it that Vance will take on Chris Gaskin as Chief Political Commentator, while Vance and the other ATW commentators focus on cultural and lifestyle matters.

The Phantom, reached outside the Waterfront Alehouse in Brooklyn, said with a grin " Bringing McCann over should mix up things up a bit. It'll be a Nixon to China moment. Only I'm not sure who's the Nixon here"!


Anonymous said...

Good April fool's

Anonymous said...

Good one Phantom LOL. Lure the creep over with promises that he can steal as many womens panties from washing lines as he wants. Then get him sent up river to where all his favourite pals hang out. You know all those Muslim brotherhood coons(sic McCann) Let them use him as a plaything.

Wadye mean we're only joking, augh mannnn!!!

Good one Phantom.

The Phantom said...

Sorry anonymous

Not to defend the new employee, McCann, but we don't do profanity here.