March 05, 2007

How to get to Waterloo

Just back from a London business trip. As usual, I cheated myself of sleep for the two nights before, so if someone needs advice on how not to do a transatlantic trip, I'm just the one to give it.

I stayed at the Hilton Green Park, on Half Moon Street, off Piccadilly. It's an OK place, if you don't mind staff knocking on your door when the "Do Not Disturb" sign is hung.

I'm a mass transit geek, and somehow the public senses this. At the Green Park tube station, an English woman asked for directions as to how to get to Waterloo Station. And I was able to give it--just take the Jubilee Line one stop south.

As the holder of both a New York MetroCard and a London Oyster Card, its time for me to do a practical comparison of these two vast,venerable subway systems.

Both of you, get to your respective corners, and I want a clean fight. Let the best subway win. We'll start the bout in a day or so.

BTW, has there ever been a better album than Buena Vista Social Club? Haven't played it for a couple of years. Listening to it again now, and its like hearing it for the first time. Deeply beautiful, in all of its music and lyrics.


pdberger said...

I am looking forward to this. My bets are on NY...

Eagle said...

I agree. It has to be New York.