May 25, 2007

It's "Bay Ridge" , not "Bayridge", Commerce Bank!!

I have to give massive props to Commerce Bank. I was annoyed when they showed "Bayridge" on their map of Brooklyn locations.
As everyone who has taken a class at Fort Hamilton High School can tell you, the proper name for the neighborhood is "Bay Ridge". Two words. Easy to spell, easy to pronounce.
When I saw the topographic illiteracy, I shot off an e-mail to Commerce Bank, pointing out the error. I received a response from their customer service department in (literally) five minutes. They said that they'd tell their IT Department.
So, a week later, I check their website, and...they have indeed corrected the error. Good for you, Commerce Bank!
I spotted an error on the Starbucks site about a year ago. Same thing-they listed the 75th Street/Third location as being in "bayridge". I sent them an e-mail, and they fixed it.
Why would anyone prefer "bayridge" to "Bay Ridge"? It doesn't look good, and without a space between the two words, they're unpronouncable. Does the blame belong with out-of-town webmasters who don't know Brooklyn? I don't know. But I'll forever be vigilant on this matter.
Happy Memorial Day, everybody.


Maestra said...

Thanks for having our backs;)

Anonymous said...

I suspect the blame lies with New York Web masters who don't know that anything exists outside of Manhattan / Williamsburg / DUMBO.