May 14, 2007

Concert on the R Train

You never know what you're going to run into on the NYC Subway. Other cities have buskers on the train platforms, here you'll also find them on the trains themselves. In the past year, on the R train, I've seen Mexican guitar players ( sometimes accompanied by an accordianist) , folk singers, a guy playing a pan flute, and Andean musician. I've not seen this a capella group. Yet.

You get a lot for your $2 here.


Anonymous said...

I was on a 7 train a couple of years ago, the Mariachi Brothers get on and set up next to me. I half-curse under my breath...and they storm off to the next car!

Mission accomplished...

Anonymous said...

I saw these guys on some subway line about a year ago or so and they were excellent. Usually when the "entertainment" comes into a car you want to run to the next car because it is both impolite and bad. These guys are one of the few exceptions who brought smiles to most people's faces, even the most harden subway riders of all.