November 01, 2008

Do the right thing, Bay Ridge. Vote McCain!

Most of NYC votes Democrat reflexively, without much thought. Bay Ridge has often been, along with Staten Island, a light in a sea of knee-jerk Democrats. We often --not always, but often --vote Republican. I hope that's the case this year.

The 2008 election takes place under brutal economic conditions. People are scared, and they have every right to be scared. They hold GW Bush to be largely responsible for the bad economy, and some have turned against McCain as he is from the same Republican Party. This is unsound thinking.

Bush - and nearly all the free spending Republican Congress - deserve great blame for the economic crisis. But so does the Democratic Congressional delegation, which spent and spent and protected Fannie Mae and in many cases accepted their money.

Alan Greenspan deserves blame too-- he served under both President GW Bush and under President Clinton, and had the same economic policies throughout the entire period.

The blame for the wreck belongs to both major parties.

There is only one reformer in this race, and he is John McCain. He sounded the alarm on Fannie Mae in 2006"

McCain has spent his entire career attacking the role of money in politics- Obama first said that he would accept public financing, then he went back on his word, possibly destroying that system. McCain kept his word- he said that he would take public financing. Which has left him outgunned by an Obama who has accepted a torrent of money from all kinds of people.

McCain served his country with great honor in Vietnam for over five years. When faced with an easy way out of the Hanoi Hilton ( which I have visited ), he chose the hard but correct path. Compare this to the career of the community organizer who took money from a man in Bill Ayers, a man who tried to kill NY police officers and US military men and who said he wasn't sorry about it one bit. Of course, Obama didn't know who Ayers or Dorhn were. He knew how to collect Ayers' money, he knew how to get to the living room in Ayers' house but this graduate of Columbia and Harvard Law didn't know nothin about Ayers' past. Obama, you're a liar.

Obama's plans to increase taxes are the worst possible tactic in dealing with a recession. McCain is a " JFK Democrat " who knows that the way to get the economy going is to lower taxes strategically--not to soak the so-called rich in order to give welfare checks to those who do not pay federal income taxes at present.

The issue of taxes is especially important in tax burdened New York City. People here pay very high Federal, State and Local taxes plus Social Security taxes as it is. We make more money than those in other parts of the US, but we also have higher costs for most things. Any New Yorker with a job who votes for Obama or the Democrats is voting against the interests of their own families.

The choice this year could not be clearer. You can vote for a cipher with bad friends, one who conceals much about his past, or you can vote for a man with a long history as a political and economic reformer.

New York will vote Democrat, but I hope that Bay Ridge and the rest of America does the right thing and votes for John McCain.

John McCain. Best for Bay Ridge. Best for America.

The Phantom approves of this mesage.


Unknown said...

I'll be representing Bay Ridge with my vote for McCain. Let's just hope everyone else in the nation does as well.

Pedro said...

Eh, not happening, this year. McCain should haven't run the same campaign that Bush ran against him back in '00. Palin certainly didn't help him at all. He's done for it. I hope the republicans can pick it up for '12, but I doubt it. The party is pretty much fractured after the election. Palin and Mccain are going to point fingers at each other, and I don't know if the republicans are going to get the Centrist Powell like voters that McCain used to represent.

It's also kind of dishonest to call McCain a JFK Democrat. He may have been that back in 2000, but he's been pretty much playing the same neo-con playbook that George Bush has for the last 8 years.

McCain lost my vote a long time ago. It's a shame, he would have made a good president if he was the man he says he is, instead of the man he has become. Doing anything and everything to win.

Anonymous said...

McCain for president?

Thanks, but no thanks.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post. As a life-time moderate Democrat, I realize that the country has never had a candidate for President as far to the left as "share the wealth" Obama. perhaps over time Obama will truly moderate, but I for one am not willing to take that risk. You are quite correct when you say that any New Yorker with a job who votes for Obama is voting against his interest. McCain, although not perfect, is honorable (I would have preferred that he had chosen Tom Ridge as is VP) and is much more sensible choice for these troubled times. Unfortunately, the media is so pro Obama, creating that false rock star image, that I afraid that we are in for four dangerous years. Please Ohio, Florida and Virginia vote McCain.

William Cooper said...

I completely agree. I don't live in Brooklyn anymore, but I still would have my ballot for McCain no matter where I live.

Anonymous said...

We had a McCain/Palin Victory Rally in Manhattan today. A couple of hundred people turned out. Not bad for something the media wouldn't announce.

I think McCain is going to get a lot more votes in NY than is expected by the media. Lots of Democrats for McCain and Hillary supporters are coming out to events.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Pedro. I used to like McCain, but now he just comes across as a grasping politician, willing to do or say anything just to get elected. Pretty sad, especially his VP choice.

Anonymous said...

McCain lost me when that Straight Talk Express ran right off the rails.
My view was confirmed when he showed abysmal judgment re: VP choice, then opted for desperate mudslinging.

Anonymous said...

d maloney said: "A couple of hundred people turned out. Not bad for something the media wouldn't announce."

Local media will give free p.r. to nonprofit-type or community-service events. But they don't do free advance p.r. for everyone's political rally - unless some VIP or candidate will be there, or the thing is newsy-unique.

If they did p.r. for every rally, they'd be swamped. They'd also be giving gobs of free p.r. to partisans and candidates who should be paying for it.

So smart grassrootsers (of any party) try to give events a _really_ unique, news-catching spin. Or they work OT on their own networking, or seek free p.r. via specific partisan-tilting programs or hosts. They don't _expect_ MSM to "announce" their local rallies as if they were charity fundraisers or major hot news.

Anonymous said...

don't forget to vote for Joe Cammarata State Assembly!

Anonymous said...

I hope you use this kind of vigor when exploring McCain's associations with Charles Keating. Partisan politics can get a little annoying after a while.

Anonymous said...

Talk about going from the frying pan into the fire...

Former Bay Ridger and future Bay Ridger living in Los Angeles. Can't get away from these blue states!

CA is voting on the President (of course) and two other insane propsitions, one to allow gays to marry which will then normalize it in the schools, which they have been doing recently and another, can't believe this is up for a vote, of whether teenage girls who go for an abortion (as young as 14 years) should the parents be informed.

Of course I'm voting for McCain/ Palin and believe God will protect us from the anti-Christ.

I can't wait to move back to good old Bay Ridge.

thanks for the blog!

The Phantom said...


McCain was completely acquitted by the prosecution on the Keating matter. Read the records, not the talking points.

Anonymous said...

okay phantom, i will do so.

but how do you explain mccain's flip flopping on economic regulation, immigration and bush's tax cuts?

can we say that both candidates have been hypocritical to some extent? and how far do we stomach hypocrisy in order to vote for a candidate?

until our country continues to accept it, an claim of "best for america" for any candidate whose voting record is suspect (hey, that means Obama, too!) can only be taken with a grain of salt.

Anonymous said...

McCain is a " JFK Democrat "


You wrote those words as if JFK was a good president . . . I'm at a loss for words