December 27, 2008

69th Street Key Food Project in Trouble?

Brooklyn Row House provides evidence that it may be. Ouch. Lets see what happens.

This looks like original reporting, so good job BRH!


I just got ahold of Sammy Abed, who says that he expects the 69th Street Key Food to open in February 2009. Hope that's true!


Brooklyn Row House said...

Considering the stop work order, the denial of the "metes and boundaries" permit for 242/244 and the fact that I've seen very little work being done there since the end of last summer, that 2/09 opening sounds dubious. Unless they have the Extreme Makeover crew waiting to start when those permit problems are fixed, that is.

The Phantom said...

Well, you wouldn't think that it would take that long to do this type of job once the permitting was resolved.

And if the local politicos have any juice they might be able to keep this from languishing in the system forever.

But in this economic environment, when deadlines get pushed back again and again it makes you wonder.

I think we'll agree that if the Stop Work Order isn't resolved by January 12 or so, February ain't happening.

Brooklyn Row House said...

I know. It's been almost six months since those Coming Soon banners went up. IIRC, Costco was built in less than three months.