July 30, 2009

Major Fire at 6805 Third Avenue

There was a major fire last night in the apartment house at the southeast corner of 68th Street and Third Avenue. The building appears intact, but I think that all or nearly all the windows on the street side were smashed in. The building appears empty and smoke damaged, including the Sunnydale Farms store on the corner.

I couldn't take a photo this morning but will try to do so this evening.

There was an army of media trucks there at 7am today. A woman reporter from WABC said that everyone got out.

From Brooklyn Paper

From NY1

WPIX Eleven reports that there were 14 injuries, including 12 firefighters.

Very good video from WABC Channel 7

Photos in NY Post

The fire took place from around 1130 - 2am last night.

There are reports of " severe " damage to the building.


I feel very bad for the residents, and for what appears to be the loss of the Sunnydale Farms deli. For decades, that store has been a clean, friendly place with good prices. The Korean owners were constantly tinkering with the place, trying to make it just a bit nicer and better. I hope that they can reestablish the business soon. I shopped there maybe twice a week, and was there this past Tuesday night.



Yeah, it was quite a sight to see. I got woken up by the smoke in my bedroom and saw some of it from 1-2. Lotta smoke, and nearly 20 trucks up and down 3rd, the side streets, AND 4th!

The Phantom said...

I live just up the block on 68th St.

Despite the fact that I am ususually sensitive to noise, I slept right through the entire thing. And did not smell any smoke.

NYC Red Cross said...

I wanted to let you and your readers know that the American Red Cross is assisting some of the victims of the fire from last night and that they are doing okay given the circumstances. As a community, they will need your support to reclaim some normalcy from this tragedy. Here at the Red Cross we’re all about preparedness, please encourage your readers to visit our website so they can learn about having a plan and preparing a “Go Bag” for just such an emergency. If I can be helpful in anyway to your readers or community at large, please do not hesitate to call or write.

Corwin L. Smith
Assistant Director, Community Development
200 Shermerhorn Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
(t) 718.330.9200 (m) 347.703.0115

Anonymous said...

Im glad everyone got out OK, Anyway I can help, I always found sunnydale clean but over priced.

Minni said...

I used to live in the Towers and we would go to Sunnydale a couple of times a week. They were always nice people. It is just so sad.

crabbylady said...

Best of luck to everyone, especially the Sunnydale folk. They were always nice to me. Hope all the animals got out...

Anonymous said...

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