July 13, 2009

The R Train is Not the Dirtiest Subway Line!

R Train: Bat Signal, originally uploaded by specmotors.

A recent survey by the borderline useless Straphangers Campaign atated that the 7 train was the cleanest line , while the R train was the dirtiest line in the system.

The survey was done by means of 2200 observations made by 29 volunteers from September-December 2008. They checked exactly 100 subway cars on each line Astonishingly, litter was not one of the things that was measured!

I ride the NY subway more than most people, at all hours. While I have a lot of complaints about the R train, as to most people, the simple fact is that it is not dirtier than other train lines by any objective measurement. Try riding the A train to Kennedy Airport at 5am some day and then you'll see some dirty subway cars.

The sample was too small to be meaningful. And as it did not include litter, what was measured didn't make sense.

Speaking of the R train, I've noticed a lot of really old cars being used on the R line over the past couple of weeks. Including lots of the R 42 models which haven't been seen much on the R until recently.

These now old trains will all be " retired " soon. They were widely used on the " RR " back in 1970. ( See the nice graffiti on the pole )


Anonymous said...

Wake up Phantom, if your saying this, you can't be riding the "R" trains that I am riding. Not only are the trains "dirty" but check out the platforms too(see any RATS). I have to say, some other lines are dirty but some people might say differant.
Wake up and smell these subway lines.

The Phantom said...

You need to ride all the trains in order to comment on this. I've seen rats on all the major lines, including the 2/3 and 4/5 lines, the D in the Bronx, and the A line ( lots of places )

Its a systemic thing, and the R line is better than some, no worse than most.

Focusing on this is stupid - the real issue as respects R is the fact that it does not run systemwide 24 hours, and the fact that the R shares its tracks with the M and the W, much less important lines that cause a lot of bunchup delays every workday and at 36th St and Whitehall Street.

Anonymous said...

I don't think the R is the dirtiest line either. However, those cleanup guys at the 95th street station need to pick things up a notch. At any given time, there are more MTA employees in Dunkin Donuts than inside the station.

Anonymous said...

It is very common to see homeless people sleeping on the R trains. Also people asking for money.

Anonymous said...

I think the problem is twofold: the R passengers as well as the cleaners. A lot of the cleanliness depends on the neighborhood through which the train is traveling. I have to say that as a rule the worst neighborhoods usually have the dirtiest trains (e.g., Sunset Pk). As far as the cleaners at 95th St. are concerned, I've seen them board the trains, briefly swipe the floor with a broom and then begin reading a NY Post left on a seat. Aren't there any cleaning supervisors @95th? Whose responsibility is it to check that the necessary cleaning is being done?

Anonymous said...

Sunset park is by far not the worst neighborhood in NYC. It isn't SoHo, but there is a lot worse.

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