August 05, 2009

Broken Car Mirrors - The Sign of Bloomberg's Bay Ridge

Broken Mirror
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Mayor Giuliani acted on the
Broken Windows Theory
, driving historic reductions in " quality of life " and more serious crime.

In Bay Ridge, Mayor Mike Bloomberg deserves to be known for the Broken Mirrors Theory. Under Bloomberg's theory, crime stats continue to decline. It's an excellent theory. If only it were true.

Are any of Bloomberg's stats real? We keep getting reports of vandalized cars all over Bay Ridge. Is the 68th Precinct doing anything to prevent these incidents? Are they even reporting these incidents? Are you?

If your car has been vandalized in any way, don't you dare keep it to yourself. First, report it to the 68th Precinct at 718-439-4211. Then report it here.

I want less talk from this " can't get it done " Bloomberg. I want results from this malingerer.

News 12 Brooklyn is looking into this story. If anyone has had their car vandalized in Bay Ridge recently, please call them at 718-861-6818 or email them at ( News 12_ I gave Tom your phone number tonight. His car is in the prior post. Hopefully he will call you tomorrow ).

News 12 did a good report on last week's fire, we should pay attention to them.


I'm flying off to Italy tomorrow night, where it is impossible to have a bad meal or a bad glass or red wine. Will be back a week from Friday. Keep an eye on things, guys.


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Side View Mirror said...

I don't know if I will believe to that theory. The only thing I knew about car mirror is that; A car mirror represents a car class.

rear view mirror said...

Yes, I do agree with you. Even though some of the vandalized car go up in terms of insurance but still this is a crime and people should stop it before any serious crime follows. When you let your pocket fixed it even if the repair is not too expensive since having your insurance pay for it may result in increased insurance premiums and in this way your tolerating the situation by keeping it yourself. I had already experienced this irritating situation when my side view mirrors was painted by unknown in the parking area. I went to cop and reported what happen. After two days, the stirrer was caught.

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