August 06, 2009

Ciao, Bella

Italy wasn't like a Fellini movie when I was there before.It was more Felliniesque than that.

Off to Italia tomorrow night, back a week from Friday. Let's see if Italy is still Italy, in all its insane beauty.

Silver Gull Beach Club

Manny Fernandez, a reporter for the NY Times, is writing a story on the Silver Gull Beach Club. If you're a member or a former member who'd like to chat, please give Manny a call.


Anonymous said...

What is manny's number?

The Phantom said...


Manny can be reached at 212-556-7095

Daphne said...

I'm waiting for the write up on your trip, Phantom.

I live vicariously through others, so make it full of brilliant detail.

Anonymous said...

"Bella Luna"