November 28, 2009

Ticket Trap on 67th Street / Lief Erickson Park

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There is a ticket trap on 67th Street, just west of Fifth Avenue, on the north side of the street, by the Lief Erickson basketball courts .

( click on photo to enlarge. Photos taken early Thanksgiving morning ) My sister came in from out of state to visit. This past Monday, on or about 5pm, she parked on 67th Street, a few car lengths from Fifth Avenue. She made sure to double check the closest Parking Regs sign which is shown here. It says " No Parking " only for 8:30 - 10am Monday morning.

Imagine her surprise when she came back Tuesday to have a parking ticket that said she had violated a " No Parking Anytime " sign.

I walked up there last Tuesday night trying to figure out what had happened. One space down from the " No Parking Except for 830-10am " sign was a lightpole with brackets where a sign might be placed. But there was no sign. Maybe it fell out. Maybe there was never one there.

Only if you walk way, way down the block, past the light pole, past the fire hydrant, will you see this sign, which says " No Parking Any Time ".

It looks like there is one missing sign, leaving two signs in conflict. One says " OK to park at any time except Monday morning ". Another sign, quite far away says " No Parking Anytime "

On Thanksgiving morning, I saw that the 68th Precinct had given two additional tickets. People thought that they were parking legally, and their Thanksgiving present was to get bad faith parking tickets.

On tomorrow, I will call the 68th Precinct at 718-439-4211 to report this Parking Trap.

On Monday, I will call City Councilman Gentile's office at 718-748-5200. to see if they can help.

take a walk over to see this situation for yourself
call the Councilman and 68th Precinct to complain. There is power in numbers
Report any nearby Bay Ridge Parking Traps. I'm certain that they're out there.


Anonymous said...

If there is a sign that was removed(No Parking Anytime), bumberg(the city) should have painted the curb. They Paint everything else. Don't get me started with these bike lanes ticket traps.
Let us know how it ends up.

The Phantom said...

I called the 68th Precinct this afternoon.

She asked if the ticket was issued by a police officer or a traffic agent and I did not know. She said that if it was issued by a police officer that it could be discussed.

I believe now that it was given by a traffic agent.

The Phantom said...


My understanding is that no vehicles are ever supposed to be standing in a bicycle lane - not sure that these are traps / tricks in the same sense that this one is.

Tomorrow, no matter how busy things get, I will call City Councilman Gentile's office

The Phantom said...

The ( very responsive ) team in Councilman Gentile's Bay Ridge office is addressing this issue with the city. Stand by.

Anonymous said...

Gentile, a Fort Hamiton grad.

The Phantom said...

Stephanie from Councilman Gentile's office advises:

[ The DOT ] found that a No Parking sign needs to be put back up at this location. It should be up by the end of the week.

The Phantom said...

Went past that block on Fifth Avenue today. Looks like the sign is up.