March 04, 2010

Bay Ridge Key Food News Flash!

We hear from a reliable source that the 69th Street Key Food ( on Bay Ridge Avenue, between Third Avenue and Ridge Boulevard )will open its doors Thursday March 11 at 7am! Be there!!


City Councilman Gentile's web page has been added to the blog roll to the right.


Anonymous said...

What year???

Brooklyn Row House said...

Yeah, Mar 11 is on the flyers they just printed. Store hours are 7am - 11pm.

By my calculation, it's taken 20 months to build this Key Food, or 4 months longer than it took to construct the 102 story Empire State Building. Progress!!

The Phantom said...

I went past the Key Food today at 8pmish. The lights were blazing and crews were doing last minute work, and stocking refrigerator cabinets.

They let me in for a couple of steps. There's lots of last minute work left to do, but the place looks good, they'll be good to go Thursday morning.

Understand that they have an ad in the Home Reporter.

I'm off to California on Sunday, back on Thursday, and will be sure to visit the new neighbor on their first day.

Good luck, guys.

Anonymous said...

Too bad it's out of the way for my commute, but I'll probably check it out Thursday evening anyway.

Anonymous said...

I really hope it will be worth the wait - I just about gave up on it!

Anonymous said...

Went to 69th street Key Food at noon on Thursday. Nice large store with very good & diverse products. Much needed store for our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Went there tonight. After living in Bay Ridge for 3 years I actually felt transported to another part of the city... where there are proper supermarkets with nice variety and decent prices... it was heaven. Its weird location means I probably won't be hitting it after work very often, but on the weekends, I will definitely be there. Enjoy it while it's still the cleanest supermarket in the city!