July 17, 2010

Localized Flooding In Bay Ridge

Did anyone else have water in the basement Friday?

I did, and at first I thought it was due to a defect in the hot water / boiler system.

But now I read that there was localized flooding caused by clogged city drainsnot that far away in Gowanus, Brooklyn " near Fourth Avenue ". And I'm only steps from Fourth Avenue.

The water surge- apparently from the city water drains - messed up my hot water and heating system - whose controls had to be reset. It appears that there was a reverse surge of water that put filled up the radiators up to the first floor- where the floor near the radiator is still wet. ( I have a natural gas / steam system )

Did anyone else have this problem?


crabbylady said...

Did you have a bunch of stuff on the floor that got ruined? Was it just in the boiler room, or through the whole basement?

The Phantom said...

It was just in the boiler room --but water surged through the radiator and came out on the first and second floors.

It is weird as my next door neighbor did not have this issue

BU/Key/Grit said...

Nothing to do with the sewers... your boiler was flooded - either someone put too much water in it, or the automatic feed/low water cutoff system failed.