December 27, 2010

Snow Day In Bay Ridge

Man walking up 68th Street towards Fourth Avenue, 1030 this morning

This reminds me of the major snowstorm in 1996. A storm that wasn’t noticed by most snuck up on us on a Sunday evening into the night, enveloping the Northeast in a massive blanket of white.

In 1996, I was visiting family in Mountain Top, PA. I didn’t have a car then, and took the bus back into Manhattan from Wilkes Barre PA. We barely made it in to Gotham City, as the snow got heavier and heavier along the route. Our excellent bus driver was able to barely make it into the Bus Terminal, passing stranded cars all along the way.

Once there it was cake. The underground portions of the subway system were running great, and I made it home without any problem.

This weekend, I was in suburban Philadelphia, again with family. Though I have a car now, I decided not to take it, and went down by mass transit instead ( Boltbus down, Septa / NJ Transit trains back )

There was no sizable snow on the way home yesterday – the serious snow came upon upon us later in the evening. But there was vicious winds and whiteout conditions at times, which made me happy that I wasn’t driving anywhere.

Overnight, heavy soft snow everywhere, with big drifts of over two feet in many places. There are cars stranded on many sidestreets.

But all night long, I heard the rumble of the R subway line. While major snowstorms wreck havoc on the outdoor train lines, this entirely underground line remains unaffected by any snow condition. Its a great service for us.

Stranded vehicle in the middle of 68th Street, just east of Fourth Avenue

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