April 01, 2011

R Train Service Cancelled on Nights and Weekends

( Bay Ridge News Service )

The MTA announced a new series of service cuts that are to take effect immediately.

Of special interest to Bay Ridge / Sunset Park residents is that the R train will no longer run between the hours of 10pm - 6am Monday - Friday, and that it will not run at all Saturdays or Sundays.

" We are dealing with an unprecedented financial state of chassis " said Mayor Bloomberg at City Hall. " Someone has to pay the price. They need to suck it up. Besides, my kind of people don't ride that train during those hours "

City Councilman Vincent Gentile, reached at Circles restaurant vowed to restore the service. " Not everyone has a car " he said. " This is so unfair, especially after they reduced the Express Bus service last year "

State Senator Marty Golden was promising to organize a sternly worded petition. " This isn't the end of this " he said to the Home Reporter.


crabbylady said...

Ha ha.

I think we know you by now.

But it is about time you posted something here.

Anonymous said...

whats todays date? april 1 2011. there must be something about this date. No fooling, there must be something about this date.

The Phantom said...

You guys need to be a little less skeptical. It was in the Bay Ridge News Service newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha - gotta admit, you had me for about 10 seconds. It's just plausible enough to be believable.

Unknown said...

You pain in the ***. It is 4/4 when I'm reading this. After 4/1 passed and nothing came from you (I basically only check gmail daily), I thought you were too busy to pull an April's Fool. You just got me. I was saying out loud to myself, WHAT THE HELL, that's true, not everyone has cars, I can't believe no R train! Then, I looked at the date after about 30 seconds. So you got me. Again.