August 22, 2005

Apple Express Mess

Business must be bad at Apple Express car service. They've been parking their cars overnight on Senator Street and 68th Street over the past weeks. Its illegal for a livery car company to park on the streets overnight, but Apple Express does it anyway. Bad thing is that Apple Express takes parking spots away from a neighborhood with too few of them.

Maybe we will post license plates of these illegally parked cars as a public service. Apple Express, start respecting the neighborhood.


RonBayRidge said...

Unfortunately livery cars can park on the streets overnight. Check with CB-10 offices at 718-745-6827.

This is unfortunate as Apple parks several cars within a couple of blocks of your photo on a daily basis - and I live on that street!

The Phantom said...

I was told a couple of years ago by TLC that it was illegal for fleet livery cars to park on the street overnight. Will double check, as I may have the letter somewhere. Thanks.

The Phantom said...

Have not been paying sufficient attention to this blog or this issue. See that the Apple Express ratbags are still parking their cars all over the neighborhood, stealing spots from the residents.

Customer relations is not exactly the strong point of these bright lights. Will look into this during the week.