August 05, 2005

Bay Ridge Movie Theaters: Alpine Theater

Of the eight theaters that once operated in Bay Ridge ( including the Fortway, Stanley, Dyker, Shore Road, Harbor, Electra and the Bay Ridge Theater ) the last man standing is the sturdy Alpine Theater.

The Loew's Alpine opened in 1921, and remained a Loew's theater until pretty recently. Originally a 2200 seat palace, it, like most theaters, has been chopped up into a much less appealing multiplex.

What I think was the original marquee was damaged when some jamoke ran a truck into it a few years ago. The new bland marquee will have to do.

To the left of the Alpine is the Bay Ridge Mosque ; to the right, for years, was the Neisen Furniture Store.

More details, as always, on the wonderful Cinema Treasures.

Hang in there, Alpine.


little kernel said...

Let's start a campaign to save the Ol' Alpine! Leave a comment on my blog, and I'll be happy to head it up~!

The Phantom said...

I am all for it, but, unfortunately, the rats who closed the Fortway are the same lot who own the Alpine. But absolutely the Alpine must be saved.