August 27, 2005

Brooklyn Cyclones' Player Needs Help - Spread the Word

Jon Malo is a 21 year old kid from suburban Montreal who is living his dream playing shortstop for the Brooklyn Cyclones.

But he bears a heavy burden because his Mom is dying of colon cancer and related illnesses. This story broke in a Jon Heyman column in Newsday.

The doctors in Canada completely missed the diagnosis four years ago. Now, an operation that could save her life is not available in Quebec. It is available in the US--but would cost $250,000--money Linda Ferland and her minor leauger son do not have.

That's where you might come in. Jon Malo is raising money, the Cyclones are helping, and so can we. There's a fundraising website up in Quebec, and this is it, translated from the French

This is the place where you can make a donation. Spread the word.

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