February 24, 2006

Leemark Lanes - Another Story

Just saw this from the NY1.com. There's a link to the NY1 TV news article on this story. Lots of nice images of the venerable bowling alley. Short interviews with employees , and with Jennifer Bashara, General Manager, who would love to buy the building from Century 21 or to work out some kind of compromise.

( RealAudio needed to see video Click on the yellow button if you have broadband, blue if you have a dialup connection )

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Anonymous said...

Hi my name is Tom Brice you may have heard of me I am involved in trying to stop the take over of mark lanes. I have a petition you can view at www.petitiononline.com/rush06, I have worked with the councilmans office, and mark lanes on a compromise of some sort. I bowl at the lanes for 10 years, every saturday night, and this is an outrage, treason on our community, fort hamilton high school, the guild, ps 102, and so on use these lanes more than anyone, no one talks about them in this or the seniors. Where are our senator and congressmen who claim to love this community are doing? I have done several interviews in the bay ridge courier, brooklyn eagle and bay ridge paper as well as the times check em out. I have also filed complaints with the city on this, and If anyone needs I can pass out info on how to help.