February 12, 2006

Snowy Bay Ridge Sunday

They claim this is the largest storm in NYC history, but I think that the 1996 blizzard dropped a lot more snow in Bay Ridge--and I remember much larger snowstorms in the mid-1960s. But anyway this was a big enough storm, and here's what it looked like.
Here, Ovington and Fifth Avenues, at 215pm.
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Little guys riding in style on Fifth Avenue. Their parents took them in for pizza at Elegante's. I followed them right in. Elegante had just opened, with a hot pie right out of the oven.

Pigeons enjoying a nice meal on Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street.


Who wants a tattoo?

Are you really sure that this is a good idea?

Looking north on an empty Fifth Avenue, past the Lincoln Savings Bank.

Air vents on the R subway line on Fourth Avenue. The subway was not delayed at all by the storm. I don't think that the buses were much affected either. I saw the Fifth Avenue bus, the B-1 ( 69th Street bus ) and the B-9 during the afternoon, running normally.

Bay Ridge Baptist Church. I've never been inside, but for some reason, I've always liked this simple church building on Fourth Avenue, over by Leif Erikson park.

By 3pm, noone had bothered to clear any snow from the entrance to the Bay Ridge Avenue subway station. So people had to navigate the steps very carefully. The steps were dangerous with hard-packed snow. The people to your right had to walk sideways, they were afraid of slipping.



1996 was MUCH worse. At th' old HIP/Methodist/Whatever it is now on 3rd, they needed a backhoe to dig out th' parking lot. My only regret was I had a sinus cold so I wasn't able to test my new bikes out on snow to see how they handled. It's actually not that hard if ya got a moutain bike. Just like ridin' a horizontal mountain is all.

Anonymous said...

Accept this as an invitation to visit the small church on 4th and 65th. You will enjoy the small country like church in the BIG city we did and we come from another country (Belgium)...

Anonymous said...

I randomly came across your site while searching for the Bay Ridge Baptist Church website! I live in NC, but I've been to NYC on many occasions, a few of them being mission trips with my church to assist Bay Ridge Baptist Church in different things. I love the church so much--the pastor and the people are just so wonderful. I encourage you to visit there sometime! Hopefully someday soon I'll be able to move up there.

The Phantom said...

And I randomly spotted your comment! Come on up, you'll be welcome.

Unfortunately the church took a whack with the recent tornado.

Unknown said...

The cute little church on the corner of 4th Ave still awaits your visit.

The Tornado tore us up, but it didn't break us down!