February 01, 2006

Letter from Art Maxim

Got a letter at bayrdidgephantom@gmail.com the other day from a Bay Ridge resident now retired in Florida. I found it interesting and repeat it here with permission.

Enjoyed your Coney Island article. I grew up in Bay Ridge and am now retired in Florida. Do you remember Scoville's bar? Back in the early fifties that was the place to be for Bay Ridgeites. It had locker rooms down in back of bar and a few of us used to rent one and you can guess what went on. Now, ask the old timers that went to Coney Island in the late 40's if they remember TIRZA.

I went to FHHS with Louie Lento and spent a lot of time in Lento's.. In '46 and '47 I ushered at the Dyker. Did much of my drinking in Sheridan's on 5th between 74th and 75th. As a matter of fact when I got drafted in '50 a bunch of us who got their "greetings", as well, met there and took the subway to the downtown NY induction center.

Here in Palm Coast, Florida there are six or seven guys and gals that went to FHHS. We get together once in a while. Keep up the good work Phantom. I'll keep in touch with some of my fond memories of playing roller hockey and football back in the late 40's
'til then

--I told Artie that I did not know the places mentioned ( other than the Dyker and Fort Hamilton HS ) and asked if I could reprint the above. This was the response.--

Sure, go ahead and post it. Maybe I'll hear from someone who remembers me or Scovilles or even TIRZA (she used to strip behind a curtain).

Do you remember a kid by the name of Julio Lugo? He used to live on 56th street. Played baseball at FHHS. Now he's the shorstop for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays. I met him several years ago when he was playing A ball for the Houston Astro's in Kissimmee, FL. I keep in touch now and then. He batted close to 300 last year. Rumor has it he may be traded to Yankees. We'll see!
'til then,

--No, I do not know Julio Logo at all, but will certainly be looking out for him now. It would be great to have a Bay Ridge guy playing for the Yankees, but Julio might run into a little Jeter problem if he wants to play shortstop in the Bronx!--

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