March 27, 2006

Bay Ridge Sinkhole: No R Train Today

Bay Ridge Photos 003, originally uploaded by Phantom Photo.

R train was out of service March 27, 2006 due to the sinkhole.

This morning, I walked to 59th Street, and was pleasantly surprised by a nice empty R train that had come up the Sea Beach " N " line.

This and the two photos below are posted through the Flickr service. I just signed up to it and am learning it while I go along.

By the time I got home it was too dark to take many decent photos.


Lapierre M├ędias© said...

Your blog is very interesting, keep on going .
I Like it !

Anonymous said...

When will the R train be runing again ?

The Phantom said...


Merci for the kind words. BTW, I have been to Quebec and Montreal and loved them both. And am fond of the fine Unibroue beers. Visit here anytime.


Do not know. I do not expect it back tomorrow.


Eh, didn't feel like chancin' th' trains tonight. Was runnin' late anyways leavin' at 6 with havin' to be elsewhere at 7. See how it goes tomorrow.

Unknown said...

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